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Nutrition counseling at Milestone Pediatrics, Waukesha Pediatricians

A healthy diet helps children grow and learn. It also helps prevent obesity and weight-related diseases, such as diabetes. Nutrition starts as early as deciding between breastfeeding, formula, or a combination of the two. We support breastfeeding moms, but also understand that some situations call for formula.

When infants become toddlers, snacking and treats become a near daily discussion. We will help you focus on getting what is required, such as iron, calcium, and fiber.

To give your child a nutritious diet

  • A child's plate should be half fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose healthy sources of protein, such as lean meat, nuts, and eggs.
  • Look for high fiber foods. It is higher in fruits and vegetables; low in processed foods.
  • Broil, grill, or steam foods instead of frying them.
  • Limit fast food and junk food.
  • Offer water or milk instead of sugary fruit drinks and sodas.
  • Praise good choices
  • Limit sugar, save for special moments. Make it a "sometimes" food.

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