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Written School Excuse Policy *NEW*


Milestone Pediatrics receives many calls from parents requesting that a note be provided to document that their child’s absence from school was due to a medical condition or illness. Sometimes the illness does not require the child to be seen by a healthcare provider and we are happy to provide an excuse with the following guidelines to ensure appropriate medical care:

  1. Anyone who was seen for an appointment in clinic will be excused for the date of the appointment and the number of days they were advised to stay home.
  2. Anyone who spoke with our clinic about an illness and was advised to stay home from school for symptoms such as fever, vomiting or a contagious rash may get a note for a maximum of 3 days. If the child is not able to return to school at that time, we will request that they schedule an appointment in clinic.
  3. We are not able to provide a note for symptoms that do not require the child to stay home from school, are not discussed with our clinic at the time of the illness, or if your child is seen by a healthcare provider outside of Milestone Pediatrics.

Please ask us for an excuse during your appointment or contact us during regular business hours if you need one to be faxed or emailed.

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